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The Music Makes You Happy Experience (settle in, this is a long but important one)

With most of your other event vendors, you are going to receive something tangible for your investment. Your caterer is going to provide you food, your photographers will provide you with pictures, and your venue is allowing you to use their building or area. But with your DJ, you don’t get a tangible thing to hold on to. With your DJ, your experience is what you are paying for.

We have all been to events where the experience was bad. Either the event started late, the food was terrible, the service stunk or the music was awful, something made your experience unpleasant. Now, with the right vendors, this unenjoyable experience could have been anticipated and fixed or avoided altogether. That’s where the value of hiring seasoned professional comes in and that’s what you get with Music Makes You happy Entertainment.

Often times, when people are cold calling or searching the internet for their DJ, they don’t know what questions to ask or what differentiates one DJ company from the next. After all, once an event is over, other than a positive or negative review and maybe some pictures, there isn’t anything tangible to show. This means that people with less than stellar morals can convince potential customers who don’t know better, that they can do everything company X can do for a quarter of the price. Unfortunately, that rarely turns out well for the poor people who were only trying to make their wedding dreams come true. We’ve all fallen for people like this. I know when I’m buying certain things I know nothing about, my judgement is largely persuaded by the price tag and the least expensive option.

So here is what you get with Music Makes You Happy.

Your DJ -

Our employees are actual employees of Music Makes You Happy Entertainment. We don’t use subcontractors. All of our employees go through rigorous training and are held to a very high standard before they are even released to do even the simplest event. Our wedding DJ’s sometimes spend months if not a full year, shadowing one of our fully trained DJ’s before they are released to do a wedding on their own. Even the DJ’s that come to us with years of experience must go through our training program to not only prove they are up to our very high standards but to learn the “Music Makes You Happy” way of doing things. We have worked hard to develop our brand and we believe that our way of doing things is the best way. Our way of doing things will create an enjoyable and memorable experience.

In addition to playing great music and making announcements, your DJ is also responsible for assisting you with developing the timeline. If you’re working with a professional coordinator, great, we will work hand in hand with them. However, if you aren’t, no worries, we can help. Our DJ’s are trained event managers and can help you with the layout of the venue, the timeline/order of events and will even coordinate everything with your other vendors throughout the event. You will never have to wonder when something is going to happen or ask why we haven’t done this dance or that, your DJ will be on top of everything throughout the event. All you have to do is say hello to all your friends and family and enjoy your day!

That’s not all your DJ does. Your DJ will even go to each table, introduce him/herself, make sure the volume is OK and not too loud, ask if your guests have any song requests, let them know what to anticipate and even invite them to the buffet when it’s time for that table to go through. If your guests are happy and feel taken care of, they will have a much better time, stay longer and party harder!

Our Equipment –

Have you ever been to a wedding where the music was way too loud or it sounded really bad? Maybe the music kept stopping randomly, in the middle of songs, throughout the night? Perhaps the father of the bride got up to make a toast and the microphone stopped working? These are all true stories that people have told us about events they attended that made them decide it was the right thing for them to invest in a true, professional DJ.

Your DJ plays a major role with your wedding reception. He/she are often the first thing people see and hear when they enter the ballroom. Do you really want that first impression to be huge, ugly speakers and a tangled web of cables? Do you really want a static buzz or distorted music being the first thing that people hear when they enter your beautifully decorated hall? Most people would rather not experience those sights and sounds but unfortunately, all too often, that’s what you get when you choose to go with the least expensive option.

Professional sound equipment is not cheap and cheap sound equipment is not professional. Unlike some other DJ companies that rely on their subcontracted DJ’s to provide their own equipment, Music Makes You Happy owns all the equipment we send out with our employees. We take great pride in the way that our equipment looks and sounds. Our DJ’s are trained to wrap, hide and tape down exposed cables. Professional grade speakers sit atop stands that are tucked away or covered by material that blends in with our linens and façade. Our DJ’s will setup their top of the line mixers and concert hall microphones behind a beautiful façade so that your guests only see the table linen, the façade and the DJ. As far as first imprecisions, our DJ’s go above and beyond to look and sound like you spent 10 times what we charge!

The icing on the cake –

All of our DJ’s, in addition to being fully trained and equipment with quality equipment, are fully insured no matter where they are. Music Makes You Happy Entertainment and all of its employees are always fully insured by State Farm Insurance and we would be happy to provide you or your venue with all the necessary paperwork so everyone feels protected.

Our music library is legally obtained through the same professional subscription services that all the radio stations belong to. That means that your DJ will never stream music at your event and all the music will be radio edited for language.

All of our clients get their own online account where you can access some great planning tools as well as our music request system. You can create different play and do-not play lists by browsing popular charts and songs suggestions or search for a song by artist, title or keyword. You can even preview and listen to songs and leave notes or dedications.

All of our equipment as well as our personnel are backed up so should something unexpected happen, you are never going to be left trying to find a replacement at the last minute.

The Music Makes You Happy Experience

You’re not just booking a DJ when you book with us, you are booking an insurance policy of sorts for your event. Our DJ’s go above and beyond, know how to handle stress and they have the experience and expertise to ensure that your guests will happy and entertained. We only use professional, top of the line equipment so that we can assure our clients that everything will work like it’s supposed to. We do all this to protect the investment you have made in us and to guarantee a great event. We really want you and your guests leaving saying the same thing, “we had the BEST TIME EVER!”

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