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It’s the natural response from almost everyone questioned about their taste in music: “I like [some of] everything!”

I get it; We all want to present ourselves as well-rounded, cultured people with open minds. After all, the alternative is to be thought of as one-dimensional and unrelatable. I say it too! And it’s not untrue. I have songs I like, or even love, in my collection from all major genres and subcategories of music. Truth is though, it’s much less rare that I bounce around through “some of everything” than I do stay in my wheelhouse of expertise when it comes to what I play for personal pleasure

When dealing with a DJ for your upcoming event, let me suggest that you strip away any façade. Don’t feel pressure to present yourself as having a rangy taste for car tunes. That’ll just prolong the exchange between you and the music curator you’ve hired as you try to drill down exactly what you want played when your special date arrives.

Any music discussion is fun. Just be aware that the focus isn’t what you play in isolation or how many music genres you have stashed on your iPod. When it comes to your event planning, the DJ wants to know what type of music you want played THERE. And typically, this is very different than your daily soundtrack stuff.

Your event is the spawn of your vision. And you know your guests – we don’t. So think about the mood you desire for the affair you’ve planned and the music that will take your guests to that place.

Now, it’s THE DJ’s job to probe and guide your conversation to arrive at what you want. They should know what questions to ask and what details to extract from you in the preparation stage. But all parties involved benefit from clear communication and authenticity.

You’ve thought about this day for months, sometimes years in advance. You’ve invested time and money, likely far beyond what you initially expected. Be clear and direct about what you want from your vendors, including the DJ! You deserve it and we appreciate it! It actually helps us to fine tune our approach to ensure a memorable time for everyone. We don’t doubt that you like everything, but we want to nail down the ideal soundtrack for your event more than anything.

-LaDel The DJ

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