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One more look back...

A quick note before we start. Like I said in the previous blog post, we are going to treat our blog and social media pages as a way to get to know all of our DJ's. Today, Tyler takes over the blog with a quick look back at some of his highlights of 2017. - Chris

With the slow season approaching I wanted to take some time to reflect on the past year and the grounding that it has given all of us. To some, 2017 could be seen as a stressful year with all of the public events and constant breaking news. Others could have went on a dream vacation, welcomed a baby in to the family, or gotten engaged or married. Music Makes You Happy had a great start to our year with some bumps and obstacles in the road to follow. When Chris started MMYH, he had the idea of a wedding or special event being the best it could possibly be from the DJ and Emcee standpoint. His experience over the years has made the company what it is today! Soon enough when the company hired more employees, and progressed in to photo booths, lighting, and event management his training and expertise was and still is a big technique that we use in our training program today. We work hard for every event, but we always love working for Chamber of Commerce events. We work with the Hampton Roads and Franklin/Southampton Chambers regularly, as well as athletic events through the Hampton Roads Sports Commission. When we received the news in early 2017 that the company was the Suffolk small business of the year, we knew we had something to be proud of, in our employees and in Chris most of all. Chris worked very hard in 2016 and the award definitely deserves to be on his desk more than anyone! I believe it's definitely an honor to work for him and know that he is a great example for all of us. After the excitement from the award went down, we had a busy year with a lot of weddings, parties and corporate events. The company also purchased a new system for our big events with more people. It was a busy time for all of us, and it definitely put some stress on us. With a small number of employees and a larger workload it definitely pushed us to the limit. In 2018 I hope that all of our current employees are able to learn and grow from the past year. Hopefully they will continue to work hard and we will also be able to recruit new people for the MMYH experience. We are always looking for bright minded, friendly and helpful people to come and be a part of our team and I hope that next year will bring us just that! Here's to a great year, and an even better 2018!

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