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With shifting into the music streaming era and the advancement of technology by way of snazzy devices of all kinds, you may have been trying to convince yourself that you don’t need a DJ for your next function. WRONG!

Let me give you a few reasons why.

5. It just looks cooler! You’ve got the color-coordinated décor throughout your party space with the banner hanging perfectly straight. The food table is decked out neatly with the finest of spreads, with napkin arrays and cutlery perfectly placed. You have just the right amount of seating for max comfort and an open space for guests to dance the night away.

You’re all set. Then, there it is rounding everything out. The bold speakers pole-mounted, with atmospheric lights shining away from the professional mixing system symmetrically stacked on the linen-covered table. And just like that, your guests anticipate a good time!

Or you can just toss the laptop on the TV tray and run a tripping hazard aux cord into an unstable portable speaker. (Spare us the Instagram post if you do.)

4. Transitions matter. Everyday DJ isn’t a turntablist and every song-to-song transition doesn’t have to be some masterfully, sonically matched blend. But you know what stinks? Dead space between a song as a crowd’s energy is rising. Or worse yet, hearing commercials from your free streaming app in the middle of your party because you chose not to have a DJ.

Might I suggest you double-up on the finger foods if you refuse to hire a disc jockey because there is a high likelihood your guests will be standing around eating.

3. Sonic surprises. Good DJ’s play the hits – the songs that resonate most with the largest number of people. However, they also tend to keep a few treat tunes in their collection that you and your streaming apps won’t have. Rare gems and exclusive remixes have been turning crowds out since back in the day and there is no better place to introduce a new version of a song for added uniqueness like your special occasion.

2. Adjusting on the fly. “Reading a crowd” is a common phrase you hear as a part of the job description for DJs. Truth is, event guests don’t come with a scouting report and you never know what the vibe will be like until the ordeal is in full swing. Beyond that, vibes can change throughout the course of an event depending on the time of day, duration, libations, cameos, itineraries and such. A hired DJ saves you the worry and gives you flexibility to adjust to changing conditions. If your beloved elders suddenly want to slow dance, you won’t have to rush over and re-order shuffle mode on your player or find a fitting song. (And we know how short on patience those old folks can be!) The DJ can have a love song on deck in seconds and never break the natural flow of the things. Hard left turns will surely drive your streaming apps (and guests) crazy.

1. Make Epic Memories. No matter the magnitude, if you’ve made the effort to plan an event of any kind that will involve a fair number of guests and have covered all the details down to the food, why cut corners on the part that will leave the greatest impression. If you have a Music Makes You Happy DJ curating the sounds, people will forever talk about how good the music was and how good of a time they had at your affair. If you mail it in and surrender to ad-filled free streaming or your limited personal music collection, your invitees won’t even make it out of the party before they are live-texting friends about how dry your party is and how they would rather be elsewhere.

Life is challenging and we work way too hard at it to not go big when it’s playtime. Create memorable experiences for yourself and others and get a DJ for your event. Because just like it does me, Music Makes You Happy.

-LaDel The DJ

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