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Every piece comes together!

Working for the public has played a significant role in helping me with my clients. I truly believe that it has helped shape me to be flexible, reliable and fun! I have worked in many different capacities and have utilized the different skills to make my events the best that they can be.

A little background… I started off working for the City of Suffolk during the summers while in high school. I learned about the different functions of the various departments and how every job, no matter what that is, means everything to get the whole job done. It was during my time there that I worked with a gentleman by the name of Jerome. He worked for the department as the mail room attendant. He already retired from the City of Norfolk several years prior and still had the drive like he was 21 years old! During the time that Jerome and I worked together, he was able to teach me not only about good work ethic, but being a good person altogether. I remember when I had rough days he would walk me through the process of coping and staying professional at the same time. He always told me to try my best to love a Monday and look forward to a new work week.

It’s about more than just a paycheck…

As a kid still in high school it meant a lot to me to make my own paycheck; but looking back now I see the experience as the most meaningful thing. I was able to learn about city leadership and department roles, make connections with those people, and execute a lasting first impression. It was exciting to work with the public and practice open communication as well, because I still use all of these skills today. Working with Jerome and learning from him was the best experience of all though. His wisdom, kindness and work ethic made him the best person that he could be. I hope that I am able to share some of that wisdom to a young child one day, just like he did with me. Jerome passed away in early December 2017 from cancer, and until his passing he continued to post encouraging words of wisdom on Facebook. His last post reads “When I was able to, I did!”. How appropriate for such a wonderful soul, and I hope that he will forever rest in peace.

Roll with the punches… My elders have always told me that life goes by fast and it's also unpredictable. There's also an old saying that if you want to make God laugh then tell him your plans. I've held these sayings close when going through life and I'm constantly reminding myself that things change and everyone has to learn to roll with the punches. I never would have expected to be where I am today. When I graduated high school I had the plans to apply to local government agencies and eventually land a typical desk job. During that time I was a cashier at a truck stop, barista at Starbucks, and eventually an office assistant for an attorney’s office. With each of those jobs I learned that just a smile can go a long way. Starbucks taught me to remember faces and drink orders for those faces because when you remember someone, they feel special and appreciated. Working at the truck stop taught me to deal with folks who were in a rush and stressed out. Finally, working for the attorneys office I learn the good old saying “bite your tongue.” Each of these lessons help me here at Music Makes You Happy.

I have a friend who worked for The Catering Place (great caterer, great people, check them out) and in June of 2015 he informed me of an open position helping Music Makes You Happy. The job was a tech position, setting up and breaking down equipment before and after events. My dad used to DJ for a local skating rink in the early 90's and always told me how much fun he had during that time. I immediately jumped on the position and the rest is history. It took me about a year to really get myself comfortable on my own, and I've been having fun and making memories ever since! I eventually worked my way up from a basic tech to a DJ to the Director of Operations for Hampton Roads.

It all comes together…

Making people feel special and appreciated, successfully dealing with people who are stressed, biting my tongue when those people cross the line and smiling through it all, helps me ensure my clients that I have what it takes to give them the event of their dreams and stay true to our company motto, Best Night Ever!

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