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Don't Be a Line Dance Snob

Don’t be a line dance snob. We all know them; the ones saying things like “Line dances are for amateurs,” “Real men don’t line dance” and so forth. At some point, we became so caught up in looking cool (and appearing less than perfect on camera phone videos) that we decided to forego maximum fun for a watered down version.

Photo Credit: Dragon Studio

Some of us decided that “The Electric Slide” was for old people, that “The Cupid Shuffle” was lame and that the “Wobble” was an inferior opt in for the less graceful. Now, none of these display the most incredible songwriting ever composed but I would definitely argue that at least 2 of the 3 have beyond formidable qualities given their purpose. These songs are designed to make as many people as possible dance! More specifically, they provide a simplistic way for your event to be inclusive, where those who are less interested in standing out courtesy of their awkward freestyle dance moves can blend in with the party-goers.

What’s so wrong with that, I ask you? In a world where folks dread looking vulnerable around others and on social media clips to the point that they’ll stay glued to their seat at a party, why be sour over an anthem that unites everyone and stirs up movement? Perhaps everyone can’t cut a rug like you but when it comes to dancing, the more the merrier. Even if it’s not your cup of tea or you have a genuine distaste for the sonic aspects of the song, it’s absolutely possible to still appreciate the effect of these hit records without turning your nose up.

I have news for you...THESE SONGS ARE HERE TO STAY. Not for when you’re summer cruising in your ride with your windows down or as a soundtrack to your Saturday morning jogs, but strictly for gatherings of all kinds, most of which provide some of the greatest memories you’ll ever have. So whether you partake or not, don’t be a line dance snob. And remember, always start with the right foot!

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