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Knights of the Event

It was very early in my life that I realized I was a nerd. With that fact now being established you can understand why I say music is much like the force. In George Lucas’ Star Wars movies the force is an ancient power that connects everything in the universe. It flows through all living things and can be used by a force wielder to affect your actions, thoughts, and life. One of the more famous groups of force wielders are the Jedi. A Jedi Knight practices his art for many years learning to control, understand, and wield the force. They can, if they wish, change your thoughts or moods at the wave of a hand. In all of Science Fiction the force is one of the most powerful things created.

Right about now I am sure you are saying, “Wow, this guy is such as nerd! Is he ever going to get to his point?” Do not worry, I am bringing it back around. Music is arguably one of the most influential tools that exists in our world. It has this uncanny ability to affect the deepest part of our souls. A favorite jam can motivate you to get out and run those 5 miles, make it through the work day, or even to carry you through life’s tough moments. Music can plant ideas and change lives. All can be done through the faculty of music. Though, in my personal opinion, music’s most important use is as an instrument to make people smile, dance, and happy.

Now, if music is our world’s version of the force, and a Jedi Knight is a manipulator of the force. Then what does that make a DJ? DJs with just the wave of his hand can will a whole group of people to the dance floor. They can even make that spoilsport guest who claims all night, “I don’t dance!” start tapping their foot. We all know a tapping foots leads to a sway and before you know it that person is doing the wobble with the bride! As a tip, an open bar can help speed that process. I digress, music is a powerful instrument and when you are planning your event you want to make sure you use that force, if you will, correctly!

If you want to make sure your event is a success you need to implement the power of music! The captivating sound can sometimes make and break your event. So, if you want to use that power you need the proper commander of music, and at Music Makes You Happy we have the best Jedi!

Tyler Jarrett - Marketing & Event Specialist

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